From the Bell Tolls
Make your own character contest + Story 2 info by Jpolte
July 15th, 2017, 2:36 pm
Hello Readers

a few days ago I've announced the Create your own character event on the forums and on my Twitter account. I am also stating it here as well. for this event, I want to see artist be as creative as possible by making their own beasts living in the City of Bell Tolls, you can go for a classic look like a vampire, zombie, werewolf, etc. Or you can be a custom beast as well. if you love to see your characters in the city, tweet me with #BellTollsArt on my twitter account

As for the due date, it's still not confirmed. My guess is when Story 2 gets underway, but I don't have a true date for that yet. While I'll be working on the panels for Story 2, I will also be working on an art project with a client. I will try to make sure I'll have enough time to work on both of them. Once I get enough panels made, I'll announce the release date for Story 2: The Untouchable Doll Thank you for your patients.