From the Bell Tolls
Story 2 release date by Jpolte
July 24th, 2017, 7:18 pm
Hello readers. I have good news for you.

Story 2 will be release next week

unlike the first story where it's one panel each page, it will now layout as a simple comic look to it, there will also be new characters and finally see what the city of Bell Tolls is like look forward for the first page next Monday

thanks again for reading.
Make your own character contest + Story 2 info by Jpolte
July 15th, 2017, 2:36 pm
Hello Readers

a few days ago I've announced the Create your own character event on the forums and on my Twitter account. I am also stating it here as well. for this event, I want to see artist be as creative as possible by making their own beasts living in the City of Bell Tolls, you can go for a classic look like a vampire, zombie, werewolf, etc. Or you can be a custom beast as well. if you love to see your characters in the city, tweet me with #BellTollsArt on my twitter account

As for the due date, it's still not confirmed. My guess is when Story 2 gets underway, but I don't have a true date for that yet. While I'll be working on the panels for Story 2, I will also be working on an art project with a client. I will try to make sure I'll have enough time to work on both of them. Once I get enough panels made, I'll announce the release date for Story 2: The Untouchable Doll Thank you for your patients.
Hello by Jpolte
June 29th, 2017, 8:04 pm
Hello Reader, just going to give you guys a quick update,

From the Bell Tolls will be slowing down with their updates after Page 101, the reason why I was able to upload them quick because these were made a couple of months back and was put on tumblr before I knew about this site. Story 1 is also near it's end as well, there will also be a short epilogue that follows it. Once that is done, the story will go on Hiatus for a while. I'm going to be making new background of the city and some citizens of Bell Toll as well.

Thank you for you patients and I'll see you next time